Graeme McDermott
Graeme McDermott
Chief Data Officer
Addison Lee

Graeme left University with a degree in Actuarial Science and entered the dark world of very grey people who worked every hour god sent and did numbers for breakfast, lunch & dinner. He got into writing algorithms behind Insurance company systems for surrender values, car insurance premiums and mortgage indemnity. After 7 years of trying to finish the intolerable exams he gave up and found he could make a good living working with data and MI systems. After an Aviva takeover in 1999 he headed to the AA to finish their product warehouse off and lead the exploitation team, only for his boss to leave shortly after and leave me in charge. After a few years he was approached to set up an internal marketing analytics team and work with the central function running the warehouse. After 3 years he assumed total charge as they headed away from their parent company Centrica. After 5 changes of AA ownership and reaching Data & Insight Director he decided to leave for the role of Chief Data Officer at Addison Lee to modernize their data estate.


To Data Infinity and Beyond

When even Disney Pixar films such as Cars3 and Incredibles2 are showing how to use data, AI and VR as a competitive advantage do we jump on the band wagon or is it all just the latest showbiz fad. Graeme will take you through a potted history of his data career and detail how the various show biz data fads faired years later, before sharing his views on the latest, greatest and future data fads.


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